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How we can help...

Give us a call and let us listen to your story. At the very least, we will pray with you, give you  advice, and help you find the help you need.  
We offer:

  • Counseling

  • Mentoring and emotional support

  • Medical assistance

  • Transportation to a safe place

  • Residential care/safe housing

  • Education/career training 

  • Limited financial assistance

What to expect...

We will talk over your options with you. You may only need some one-time advice or you may want an ongoing relationship where you can call whenever you have questions or need encouragement. You may only need limited help or you may need to move to Esperanza Ranch and join our family for a while .

If you need a safe place for you and your child, Esperanza Ranch is the perfect place to start a new life . Learn all the skills you will need to raise and provide for your child in a nurturing home. We provide training in life-skills, will help you finish High School or get job experience, and be with you at every step.
When you leave Esperanza Ranch, you will be ready to face the challenges of life and you will always
be part of our family.

What is expected of you...

The most common question we get is “what are the rules?

If you come to Esperanza Ranch, you’ll be part of the
. That means that you are expected to participate in family meals, help with household chores, attend church services with us, and to respect and encourage the other members of the family.

Why we do what we do....

Someone once solved our biggest problem. We were under a death sentence and now we are FREE . Out of our gratitude, we want serve him and help those who need his help, just as we did.

We were sinners who had offended God and justly deserved death (Romans 3:23). God loved us so much he sent his Son (John 3:16). Jesus lived a sinless life and died on our behalf (Hebrews 4:15). We were given credit for Jesus’s perfect life and he took the punishment that we deserved (2 Cor 5:21). As a result, by God’s grace (undeserved favor), we have been made right with God and are looking forward to the hope of Heaven. God gives us His Spirit, who helps us to obey and compels us to love and help others. We love because he first loved us (1 John 4:19).

According to the Bible, anyone who believes and places their hope in Jesus Christ, will be saved (Romans 10:9-10). Ask God to give you a new heart that no longer desires sin but delights in God. 

Our deepest prayer for you is that you come to know the peace that comes from knowing Jesus as Savior and Lord.

Who is Esperanza Ranch?

Esperanza Ranch is a Christian Charity that seeks to give mothers options so that they might choose to give their child life rather than have an abortion.

The heart of Esperanza Ranch is the entire Stone Family. Jud and Susan have been married for  21 years, have 5 biological children (ages 12-20),  3 adopted children (ages 10-18), and have fostered several other young people. They have homeschooled their children and are active in their church. They both have extensive ministry and biblical counseling experience. Susan is also an experienced birth coach and doula.

How can we help...: Services
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